As a new director or performer, what better way to grow than to have a world renown performer and instructor give you constructive criticism and tips to help you improve your overall dancing and directing? 

This program is designed for the Performer/Choreographer/Studio Owner looking to advance their current level. Get an in-depth critical analysis of your dancing, choreography and / or studio performance.

Performers - review performance or rehearsal videos and receive customized coaching from your technical execution to your overall performance quality. The goal will be to get you to another level beyond your current state. This can take the pre-professional to the next level and push the current professional past their perceived limitations (getting out of that box). 1 to 2 pieces per session depending upon length, nature of critiques and individuals comprehension. 

Choreographers - review videos of pre - existing work or works in progress. Receive critical analysis and suggestions. Also work on structural composition for showcase or competition pieces. Receive consultation on your current process or get help in developing your creative process. From staging to musicality, Sekou can unlock a choreographic world in you that you never knew existed. Full Theater show rates vary. Please email for more details. 

Studio Owners - review your entire business from top to bottom, from your curriculum to your financial structures with a former CFO, procedural expert, musician and successful dance instructor. You will receive consulting that approaches your business on multiple levels. From identifying your target audience, marketing strategies, curriculum development, teaching pedagogy to overall flow of your studio. You will start to see a change in your studio’s traffic and retention levels.

​To guarantee the maximum level of efficiency, each session will focus only on one of the following: performer, choreographer or studio owner. (Thorough analysis will be done. Absolutely no speed throughs!)